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Preparation and appraisal of technology

Preparation and appraisal of technological proposals contain below mentioned operations that can be carried out as a complete package of services or individually according to customer´s need.

- Proposal of technology (tools, fixtures, equipment, type of technology)
- Technological planning (appraisal of technological procedure)
- Creation of drawing documentation
- Creation of programs (ISO code)
- Appraisal of price quotation (according to information and tech. documentation from customer)
- Purchase of equipment and tools (see e-shop)
- Designing works (gauges, jigs, fixtures)
- Processing of designing documentation (CAD/CAM system)
- Machine settings/adjustments
- Workpiece measurements (3D measuring device . . .)
- Provision of dimensional report for individual piece
- Training of operators for particular piece
- Others after prior agreement

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