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We support these projects

Child Sponsorship Program Adopce na dálku® - if you donate education, you donate the most valuable - a chance for independence and better opportunity in life. So your help will be pernament. We support the 10-year-old girl Chaitra Naik from India. For more details please visit

Citizens´ association ZDRAVOTNÍ KLAUN, it bring regularly laugh and joy to children in hospitals, retired people and geriatric patients. See more

Citizens´ association DebRA ČR, which involves people with a rare congenital skin defect called epidermolysis bullosa (butterfly desease) in having an active and a fully-fledged life. See more

SIRIRI, o.p.s, sustainable development – in Central African Republic, a country suffering from poverty over a long time, it is not just about a one-off humanitarian shipment, but to find one´s feet. See more

TV NOE and radio PROGLAS, television and radio of good news is a non-commercial Czech catholic media. It offer a large variety of programmes for a family. See more

There are further lesser sport, cultural-based, charity activities and donations . . .

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