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Our company was founded in autumn 1998 and started its first business in area of technological preparations for external companies. These activities consisted of consultations and overall preparations of technology including production or product settings for any requested CNC machine. Based on demand arising from companies for the various production of our own we decided to purchase our first CNC machine (technology of turning) in 2005. We arranged and furnished suitable premises and began with our own production. It didn´t take long before we extended the working capacity (milling and turning technology) and METALWORKING has become our pivotal branch.
METAL-MACHINING ON CNC MACHINES - We have in this area more than 16 – year – experience together with a complete package of technological services. We are currently specialized in CNC turning and CNC milling, where we can offer to our customers a large variety of machinery and proper background for a high-precise machining of any requested pieces and products. We try to ensure a top-quality production of parts from the very first demand up to the final delivery at determined place. We consider each contract and commission individually (due to its size and difficulty etc.) and set up it in accordance with customers´ requirements. Our aim is to provide corresponding quality, swiftness in production, price and reliability.

Branches of our customers:

- Automotive industry
- Aircraft industry
- Military industry
- Food industry
- Health care
- Sanitary, Plumbing and Heating
- Electrical and power-producing industry etc...